Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, Germany; 2B Galleria, Budapest, Hungary; Hebrew Union College Museum, New York, USA


The 2B foundation and the Alma on Dobbin Foundation invited selected artists to participate in this touring exhibition with a postcard size work that reflected on these events of 60 years ago. The show featured THE LOST MEN (GRAHAMSTOWN I).

“... The letters of Holocaust victims are today preserved in archives. The postcards, letters and scraps of paper are unique documents of forced labour and deportation. They were written in the shadow of death, in most cases in the last moments of their authors’ lives. (Waldsee 1944 catalogue). In the summer of 1944, recently deported persons sent postcards to Budapest from a certain place called Waldsee. The postcards were handed to the Jewish Council in Budapest to be distributed by them to the addressees. The text of the postcards would read: ”I am doing fine, I am working.” or ”I have arrived safely. I have got work in my occupation.” or ”We are doing fine. Follow us here!”  It was later discovered that the postcards came from Auschwitz...” (Hedwig Turai)

Waldsee 1944 also toured to Florida Holocaust Museum, Florida, USA; St. Petersburg, Russia (Sept – Dec 2006); Hibel Museum, FAU-Jupiter, Florida, USA (Jan – March 2007); Ben Uri Gallery, London, UK (Autumn 2007); and Alper JCC, Miami, Florida, USA (April – June 2008).



Artist’s statement from the catalogue

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