Co-operation printmaking project between Flanders and South Africa (Catalogue)


Cooperation Project between Flanders and South Africa. This set of playing cards, reproductions of original graphic prints made by Flemish and South African Artists, is the result of the cooperation between the Flemish Centre for Graphics "Frans Masereel" from Kasterlee, the Artist Proof Studio from Johannesburg, and the Hard Ground Printmakers from Capetown." Two complete packs of playing cards in clear plastic container. One pack of these has bibliographic details of each artist on the back of each card and the other pack has the same image on the back of each card. In addition, there is a special edition where the cards have been pasted onto four black accordion folded booklets, all of which are housed in a perspex container. Clubs and Diamonds contain images from Flanders. Hearts contain images from the Artist Proof Studio from Johannesburg. Spades contain images from the Hard Ground Printmakers from Capetown. The South African artists (Hearts and Spades) are indexed hereunder. In a black drop-back box by Peter Carstens with antique marbling. (courtesy South African Artists Books website)



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