Michaelis Galleries, Hiddingh Campus, University of Cape Town, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa


Not My War is an exhibition of works by significant South African artists that have reflected on their  country’s involvement in border wars in Northern Namibia and Southern Angola during the 1960s to 1980s. Marking the 25th anniversary of the war’s bloodiest and most decisive battles, most notably at Cuito Cuanavale, Not My War looks at how these artists have been impacted by and responded to what is now commonly referred to as the Border War. Furthering the resurgence of dialogue around this ‘silent war’, the exhibition will endeavor to engage the complex personal and institutional discourse surrounding this conflict, as well as highlight the war’s continuing relevance and effect on South African society.

Curated by David Brits, participating artists are Wayne Barker, Christo Doherty, Paul Emmanuel, John Liebenberg, Jo Ractliffe, Colin Richards, Chad Rossouw, Penny Siopis, Christopher Swift and Gavin Younge. Exhibition and catalogue text by Natasha Norman.

Emmanuel's short film 3SAI: A RITE OF PASSAGE and his manière noire stone lithograph titled "number 05000674PV" were selected by the curator for this exhibition. This lithograph is one of a suite of five titled TRANSITIONS MULTIPLES. TRANSITIONS MULTIPLES is the second body of work from Emmanuel's Transitions Project.


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