La Maison Rouge: Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris, France


La Maison Rouge continues the series of exhibitions focusing on the arts scene in major provincial cities. After MY WINNIPEG (Manitoba, Canada), an exhibition presented during the summer 2011, the second of the cities will be Johannesburg (South Africa).

Emmanuel's manière noire stone lithograph titled "number 05000674PV" was selected by the museum's curators for this exhibition. This hand printed lithograph is one of a suite of five lithographs titled TRANSITIONS MULTIPLES. TRANSITIONS MULTIPLES is the second body of work from Emmanuel's Transitions Project.

An event on the occasion of the Seasons South Africa 2012 / 2013 in France in partnership with Institut Français.


La Maison Rouge press release
(French) [PDF]

La Maison Rouge website (English)

La Maison Rouge website (Français)


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