Art Source South Africa booth, Turbine Hall, Newtown, Johannesburg, South Africa


Turbine Art Fair is a platform for galleries, artists, curators and other art organisations to promote emerging and established talents in an accessible and enjoyable way. In doing this the fair aims to promote new work and talent and to create a new art audience and collector base. Two photogravure etchings, scar and lesion were exhibited by Art Source South Africa.

Artist's statement: In 2012, 98 years after the end of World War One (1914–1918), Emmanuel journeyed into the French countryside on a research trip for his counter-memorial, The Lost Men France (2014). Here he photographed “wounds” in the earth, left by the conflicts that took place along the Western Front. He visited battlefields of the Somme, Delville Wood and Verdun. Mounds created by explosives that churned the land and bodies into mud, and trenches where men huddled together bracing themselves against the chaos, are still visible in the undergrowth. These surfaces reminded Emmanuel of memories carried in the body and borne on the skin in the form of scar tissue and seeping lesions that never heal. Dismembered bodies are still scattered in these landscapes.  In the Battle of Delville Wood, white South African servicemen fell alongside the Allies fighting against the Germans. Their black compatriots, who were not allowed to carry weapons, died as labourers in camps located on the English Channel at Le Havre and Dieppe. The names of these black servicemen were left off war memorials, and those who survived were denied medals to honour their risk and suffering. In these two hand-printed photogravure etchings, the names of men from all nations who fell on the Western Front are imagined alongside each other as if they have been temporarily pressed into the earth, without reference to their ranks, nationalities or ethnicities. Emmanuel states: “I wanted to re-capture and re-imagine these impressions before they were completely reclaimed by the changing landscape and lost forever”


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