Touring: Taimiao Art Gallery Beijing, Nanjing Jinling Art Museum, Tianjin Art Museum, Shijiazhuang Art Museum, Shenzhen Guanian Original Printmaking Museum


This international exhibition showcases printmaking works with perspective and constructive features recommended by Alliance members as well as the latest creations based on national culture, history, literature or other materials.

Participating artists from South Africa: Dominic Thorburn, Bevan de Wet, Sara-Aimee Verity, Christine Dixie, Vuli Nyoni, Mongezi Ncaphayi, Paul Emmanuel, Vusi Kumalo, Sam Nhlengethwa, Nhlanhla Xaba, Diane Victor, Kagiso Patrick Mautloa, Thama Kase, Michael Taylor, Ina van Zyl, Katherine Bull, Zola Toyi.

The South African contingent was curated by Professor Dominic Thorburn of Rhodes University, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Emmanuel's stone lithograph Platform number 5 was selected for this exhibition. This work was produced as part of his Transitions project.



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