PAUL EMMANUEL: The Transitions Project
Museum exhibitions, a short film, gallery exhibitions & a book

The Transitions Project comprises the following four elements:

(1) PAUL EMMANUEL: TRANSITIONS – an internationally touring museum solo exhibition.
(2) 3SAI: A RITE OF PASSAGE – a cross-platform, cinematic, experimental short film.
(3) TRANSITIONS MULTIPLES – a series of gallery solo exhibitions.
(4) An independent, internationally published & distributed book on The Transitions Project.

PAUL EMMANUEL: TRANSITIONS is a touring museum, solo exhibition comprising a series of five original drawings obsessively hand incised into exposed & processed photographic paper – each capturing sequences of transitory life stages. Included in the show is a looped projection of the short film 3SAI: A RITE OF PASSAGE.

TRANSITIONS MULTIPLES is a series of selected gallery solo exhibitions comprising a suite of five hand printed stone lithographs with images based on Transitions concepts. Included in the show is a looped presentation of the film 3SAI: A RITE OF PASSAGE.

Download the Transitions Project Concept Document [PDF 1.2 MB].

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